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Wearing jewelry to the beach is an excellent and easy way to dress up your beach look! While jewelry may add some sparkle to your beach attire, after a day of sunscreen and sand it is likely that your jewelry will lose that sparkle.

The most effective way to clean your jewelry and get that sparkle back is to soak it in warm water and liquid dish detergent. If needed, you might also want to use a soft toothbrush to get all of the hard to reach areas. After soaking and applying a light brush, rinse with warm water and carefully dry with a soft cloth.

For a quick fix while at the beach, or away from your jeweler, you can use the Diamond Dazzle stik™. The Diamond Dazzle stik is the size of the pen and can easily become a beach bag essential! The stik contains a cleaning and polishing agent that is easily applied and quickly restores the sparkle to any diamond!

If your jewelry needs a more thorough clean or repair after your return from your beach trip – bring it in to George Press Jewelers in Livingston, New Jersey. A thorough professional soaking and steam cleaning will keep you sparkling until your next beach excursion!

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