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Hello and welcome to Livingston Navigator, part of the network, where it’s all about keeping things very local and social. This website provides a unique blend of everything you need to get more out of our wonderful community. We’re a social networking site (kinda like Facebook or Myspace) that lets you create a profile page and connect with friends and family. We’re also a 24/7 source for West Essex Tribune news and happenings around town.

And, Livingston Navigator gives you and local businesses the opportunity to know and enjoy each other better than ever. So, sign in (it’s free!) and start making friends. You can share photos and videos, join a group (or start your own), keep up with local sports and what’s happening in town, enter contests, post shout-outs, find great deals from merchants, restaurants and businesses in the local area…and much more.



This is your town. This is your site. So, enjoy!

Your Livingston Contributors

Kurt Schwartz, Founder

Originally from the Boston area (don’t hold that against me), I’ve lived in Livingston for the last fifteen years. Both of my children (Andie and Jon) graduated from Livingston High and are now in the latter years of their college careers (and soon to hopefully be off my “meal plan”). My wife, Lori, is an Events Planner based in Montclair with many local ties to our community. I’m an avid newspaper reader, webby, eater and schmoozer with a keen interest in the power of word-of-mouth advertising. So, it was actually quite natural to hatch the idea for MyTownNavigator. Combining local news and content (thank you West Essex Tribune and bloggers) with online social networking will keep people connected and informed. It will also be a wonderful way for businesses and people to learn more about each other and take advantage of the power of the “word-of-mouse”.

Paul Simko, Co-Founder

Paul Simko has lived in Livingston for over 15 years. With two daughters, 12 and 16, Paul has taken advantage of and enjoyed many of the recreational and cultural offerings available in town. An avid fan of LHS (and CTL) theatre, a regular spectator at varsity sporting events, a member of the National Little league Board of Directors, a lifelong softball and soccer coach, and an adult and youth league umpire, Paul has a front row seat to a lot of what's going on around town, and welcomes this opportunity to share it with you.

Evan Miles, Co-Founder

I am one of those “Livingston Lifers” who grew up in Livingston, married a Livingstonite and never left. My wife Liz and I are both LHS graduates. We have two boys (Evan & Austin) both of whom keep us very busy with their sports schedules. I am a Livingston American Little League Board member and coach as well as an Officer & Manager with the SMC United Soccer Club. I also coach and manage local youth basketball and hockey teams.

Working in the advertising industry for the last 22 years, I have seen many changes in the way people and companies communicate. MyTownNavigator will take social networking to a new level, giving residents and businesses an opportunity to communicate like never before. Having grown up in Livingston and reading the Tribune every Thursday, I am excited about the endless possibilities this new platform will give both the residents, businesses and organizations.

Carla Poto, Website Editor/Administrator

I grew up and lived in Livingston for 25 years…in fact I was even born in St Barnabas Hospital. I attended Collins Elementary, Heritage Middle School, Livingston High School. I’ve had so many memories of town and am excited to capture your memories on Livingston’s very own website so you can share it with the rest of the town. If you have any questions or wonder how you can be a part of this wonderful online community, please do not hesitate to contact me…or look for me when I’m jogging around the oval (if you can keep up).

James Bessemer, Website Builder/Administrator

I am not a resident of Livingston, but very familiar with the town. Through the years of working with Kurt, Paul, Evan and Carla, James has heard all about Livingston, its residents, and the way of life in town. With his knowledge of social media and website design, James will help make Livingston Navigator become a way of life for the township residents.

Michael Mendoza, Website Designer/Non-Profit Liaison

I lived in Livingston for over 15 years and was a 1984 graduate of St. Philomena’s Academy. I had so many great memories of Livingston including movies at the Colony, the old roller skating rink and rides at the Kiwanis Carnival. I now play in the Livingston Men’s Softball League but still cherish my Livingston Little League days. With so many great memories, I am so excited to help Livingston residents create their own memories and share them on their very own online social networking community.

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