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In a long time!!!!!  Japanese movie with subtitles - won a best picture award last year.  Without telling you too much, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this movie...even with the typical over-acting/mannerisms that you see in many Japanese movies.  Story is about a young man who loses his job and has to return home with his new wife and look for work.  Finally finds a job working for a man who prepares bodies for cremation (an amazing ritual!!!) and all the stigmas he has to address with his new job.  Great characters and a few wonderful story lines within.  Don't read any more of this review...just go rent the movie.  Stick with it and I'm sure you'll wind up loving it as I did.

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Do you think the Japanese version is available? Reading subtitles is like going to a Japanese Steakhouse and using a fork. I'd much rather live the language. On 2nd thought, I think I'd rather wait for Rambo 7 to come out on video. Just a thought.
...and you know how many movies I see....


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